Dota Auto Chess now tracks unit synergies for you

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  It may be slow and steady, but Auto Chess is gradually getting closer to a full-fledged product. Or at least what a customer could expect from one. The Dota 2 mod's latest patch has added a new way to help players navigate their game plan: a synergy tracker.

  Displayed above the 'courier menu', the syngergy tracker shows you exactly how many chess pieces of each tribe and of each class you posses. This is especially useful for new and mediocre players, for whom it can be extremely difficult to keep track of all their units' synergies while also adjusting positioning, buying new heroes and scouting opponents.

  The patch also introduced a brand new weapon: the Battle Fury. Forged by combining a Perseverance and Demon Edge, the Battle Fury is difficult to obtain. However, once you do create it, it's quite a fearsome axe.


  Increasing attack damage and providing a cleaving ability, as well as more HP regeneration, make it the ideal weapon for frontliners like Doom and Kunkka. But if you're lucky enough to have a Tidehunter, you'd best give it to him. In the blink of an eye he will cast his ult, stunning a large part of the opponent's board and swinging the battle in your favor.

  - Added class perk / species trait counters for your piece on the board, as buffs over your courier.

  - Added new item: Battle Fury. "BF melee, best melee. Oh Yeah!"

  - Increased Deadly Shot (Hunter's perk) bonus damage from 25%/25% to 25%/30%.

  - Balanced Evasion (Elf's trait) bonus evasion from 25%/25%/25% to 20%/25%/30%.

  - (6) Goblin: Nanobots (Goblin's trait) now affect all allies instead of all goblins.

  - Decreased Dragon Knight★★ and ★★★'s Elder Dragon Form splash damage percentage from 75% to 50%.

  - Decreased Medusa's Stone Gaze physical damage amplification from 30% to 20%.

  - Dagon now has a cooldown of 15/12/9/6/3s for Level 1/2/3/4/5.

  - Fixed a bug with Hood of Defiance description. Now it correctly shows +15 HP regeneration.

  - Fixed a bug which friend leaderboard occasionally failed to show up.

  - Fixed a bug which gold summary in post-game panel did not subtract the value of pieces you have sold.

  - Fixed a bug which Broadsword grants extra mana regeneration.


  Congratulations to Slark for achieveing the least wins prize for this week!

  - Decreased Slark's Pounce cooldown by 2s, balanced disarm duration from 3/5/7s to 5s.

  - Increased Slark's base armor from 0 to 5.